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Your Horoscope!

Post by Rankless on Tue May 27, 2008 1:12 am

Aries Personality traits
This person is adventurous and energetic. Their pioneering attitude leads them into places others would fear to tread. With enthusiasm and confidence, they push themselves onward. Others love to be around them because of their quick wit and dynamic personalities.

They love challenges but can cause problems by rushing in to the situation. Arianís have a tendency to learn the hard way when they learn. Patience is not an Arian strong suit.

If an Aries personality does not achieve what they think they should in career or anything they pursue, they can become physically or psychologically ill. At the very least, they are no longer fun to live with.

On the other side of the spectrum, they can be selfish and quick tempered. Most Arianís show a selfish tendency at some point in their lives. If they are made aware of this fact and how it looks as children, then they can become aware of this propensity and correct it. Impulsive and impatient, they wait for no one. This person can be foolhardy added with a daredevil influence, which quickly leads them into trouble.

Passion at work and play extends over into their sexual lives. An Arianís partner must be lively and able to react quickly to any given situation. Aries personalities love sex and will need it way past what others consider their prime.

Arians have quick wit and an interest that wanes just as quickly. They need constant change to keep them attention. Although they loose interest quickly, they cannot stand for another to out do them. Like the racehorse that will not let another pass it, they will adjust to the situation quickly and learn to become the best at what they are doing. They donít like rules and like restrictions even less. Always looking for something bigger and better to invest their attention in gives the Arian his thrills.

An Arian parent is delightfully simple, almost child like themselves in nature. Their enthusiasm can never be suppressed. They have no difficulty tuning into their children emotionally. Their only problem is that they may sometimes push a child not ready to be prodded into doing things they may not wish to do. One thing is for sure, there is never a dull moment with an Aries parent. They just have to remember to let it be what the child wants and not necessarily what the parent may want for the child.

In careers, an Aries needs something not considered everyday by others. And they like it noisy. Arianís are ambitious but half the fun of being on top is the getting there for them. Dentistry, engineering, electronics and even the armed services are all good jobs for the busy Aries.

Arians need plenty of exercise to stay in tiptop condition. It is as vital as breathing for them.

The head of an Arian is vulnerable especially when they are young with bumps and bruises. Their natural tendency to rush around may bring cuts, bruises and sometimes even burns.

They love spicy food but it is not necessarily good for them. With hearty appetites, they thrive on traditional meals rather than elaborate dishes.

Aries Character Traits

The Ram

Ruling Planet

Part of the body it rules
The head

Gemstone of the sign

Color ruled by the sign

Taurus Personality traits
Patience and reliability are the two most important traits of the Taurus person. Taureans need a stable, secure and material background. Emotional and material security is necessary for this warm-hearted and loving individual. Common sense is one of their stronger characteristics compounded with a persistent and determined nature.

The Taurean mind is methodical, careful and decisive. Once they have made a decision, it is rare they change their minds. Not looking for short cuts, they make their way down the proven path.

With their natural charm, they endear others to them. Their soft voices give good advice to those who will listen. They seem to find people in need because those people usually seek the good Taurean out. And it could be because Taureans have such good shoulders to cry on.

Taurus needs someone with whom they can share their lives. They also seek calm in relationships. Emotional sanctuary is vital to them. When there is tension in their home, they and those they love can expect a bumpy ride. Sudden flares of temper are not uncommon and they can put some oomph behind their temper when they have to.

When a Taurean loves, they love hard. Relations with another are intense and passionate but they can also become complacent. One flaw in their personality may be that they tend to become possessive of the person they love. Woe unto that person or any other who tries to come between them and their chosen companion. At that point one might find out what it feels like to be charged by a thousand pound bull. This is perhaps one of their worst faults. Possession can lead to jealousy.

Under stable circumstances, Taureans are loving and kind. Eager to express love generously creates a situation which makes others want to be in their good graces. They open their lovely homes to others readily but just as readily want their homes back in order again without visitors. A strong family life and tradition is very important to the Taurean. They love comfortable, secure home lives. It is a must for the reliable Taurean.

Loving routine, they may sometimes be considered boring, though they are not. They have become complacent instead.

As an infant, they generally smile at everyone and try to please their parents in the process. Caring for a Taurean infant is usually a pleasure. They learn in a thorough manner. Discipline is important for this child because they need a structured environment.

Taureans do not like to take risks. They like a steady source of income but want the material success. Stress comes to them when they are not sure from where their next dollar will come. Because of this fact, many Taureans accept work they really donít like. Their interest in money is not just practical but emotional as well. Careers in banking, insurance and the stock exchange are all good jobs for them. They have a naturally strong business sense. Agriculture, or anything to do with the outdoors, is good for them.

Many professional musicians are Taureans.

Needing a steady routine, they are not very good at change because it can be emotionally disturbing. This does not keep them from being good planners though and once they have a plan are eager to develop it.

Retirement is something a good Taurean looks forward to if they have enough money to live the good life. Even at this, they need something to keep them busy.

Taureans love food and therefore, may put weight on easily. A reasonable diet is essential for them. They tend to move slowly but love games.

Taurus Keywords

Taurus Symbol
The bull

Taurus Ruling Planet

[u]Taurus Part of the body it rules

The throat and neck and the thyroid gland

Taurus Gemstone it rules

Taurus Color it rules
Pale blue
Pastel shades in general

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Re: Your Horoscope!

Post by Rankless on Tue May 27, 2008 1:16 am

Gemini Personality traits
This is the chat sign. They love to talk and will even do so with strangers standing in line at the grocery store. Communication is a need for this adaptable individual. They are witty and intellectual. Some might even consider them eloquent. Able to keep up with younger people, they are seen as youthful and lively.

Geminiís tend to know a little about everything. Their quick ability to assimilate knowledge makes them easily bored and ready to move onto another project. This sign needs spice to their life. They are very logical, rational people.

Needing lively, intellectual rapport with love partners, they look for more educated people. These partners can be educated formally or by experience. Geminiís lover should express definite opinions. Otherwise, they can be run over by the Gemini who loves to argue and express their own opinions. Geminians have problems trusting their emotions entirely. Their logical, rational minds come into play any time they are overwhelmed by emotion.

Versatility in communicative skills should be the place a Geminian looks for work. The media, sales, department stores, advertising and commercial travelers are all good careers for the witty Geminian. If you put the Gemini personality into a job that does not challenge him in a different way each day, you have a very unhappy person indeed.

Unafraid to take advice from others who have done their jobs before, they actively seek counsel. Geminians are not overly ambitious but seem to be where money is to be made. Their imagination acts as a catalyst for whatever they want. In short, they enjoy success before it is really achieved.

A Gemini, even in retirement, is anything but retired. They want to keep busy and generally do with something to keep their interest.

This sign has loads of nervous energy and need something on which to burn it off. They are not the strongest of signs in the Zodiac but they are forever young. Gemini rules the lungs and as such should watch anything having to do with breathing such as a chest cold or bronchitis. People born under this sign should never smoke.

Gemini Keywords

Gemini Symbol

Gemini Planet

Gemini Part of the body it rules
The Lungs

Gemini Gemstone it rules

Flowers it rules
Lily of the Valley

Color it rules

Personality Traits
This is one of the most emotional of all signs but at the same time one of the most protective of those they love. When a cancer allows you to become close personally with them, you will meet one of the most kind and caring people of the Zodiac. Make them mad and you will meet one of the most sensitive and formidable.

Shrewd and cautious, they go through life testing the waters. They have a vivid and strong imagination, which needs to be carefully governed. Otherwise they may find too much to worry about because a worrier Cancer is. People of this sign get very high marks in the intuition department. And when allowed to work instinctively, the Cancer mind is at itís best. Brave in the face of adversity, this tenacious sign will sift through lifeís problems.

Moodiness is one of the worst of their faults. They are quick to be in an up mood but just as quickly they are in a black hole. Keeping them moderated is the ideal situation for a Cancer personality. And along with their changeable personalities Cancers can also be shy.
Cancerians make wonderful life partners. Although they are very emotional, they are very caring and when in love are really in love. A problem in this little love nest though is that Cancers sometimes tend to be cruel with their words. When their lover uses the same words back at the Cancer, they truly take it to heart and donít like the situation at all.

Sentimentality runs deep in the Cancerian. If you want someone to find the best card or gift for another, ask a Cancer personality. They are very inventive in their gifts and the receivers of such will tell you just how good they are. This romanticism is part of the Cancer aura but may keep a Cancerian living in the past instead of moving forward. Cancerians adore their children. Home and family is vital to the Cancer personality. If this water sign is not careful, they can smother the ones they love with their protectiveness.
Although Cancerians like variety in their careers, they need continuity too. Using past experiences, they make the most of the present. As business people, they are extremely shrewd using their intuition to serve them well.

Some careers best suited to Cancers are teachers, nursing and gynecology. Others may include antiques or museums. They make excellent chefs too.

Even though they love money, fulfillment is more important to them. Their hoarding instinct makes them good at keeping the money they have made.
Cancerians need some type regular exercise system. This is very important to Cancerian health.

Cancer Character Traits
Unable to let go

Symbol of Sign

The Moon

Part of the body it rules
Alimentary Canal

Gemstone it rules
The Pearl

Flowers it rules
White Flowers especially White Roses
Water Lily

Color it rules
Smoky Gray
Silvery Blue

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Re: Your Horoscope!

Post by Rankless on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:29 pm

Leo Personality Traits

Leoís need to fill their days with whatever activity fulfills them. When they have wasted moments, they can suffer greatly from it. Needing control in their lives, they are masters at organization. One of their worst faults is assuming they know best on all matters. Creative energy is there from birth and must be used. Otherwise a Leo personality may become insecure with themselves.

Eager to help others, they have to beware the tendency to take over the life of the one they are assisting if both parties are not careful. They can be extremely dogmatic and because of this need to cultivate in their lives flexible minds and respect for otherís ideas. Leoís try to live life to the fullest but live it hard.

Generous and warm hearted to those they care for, they make good friends as long as boundaries are established. Domination of partners is possible and must not be underestimated even though it may be well meant. Thinking they have their partners good at heart, they may persist in pushing their lover into their way of thinking. Leoís should not always be allowed that much a position of power.

Criticism is not easy for a Leo to take. It hits the root of their soul hurting them to the core. Others should be careful how they try to educate Leoís to new and better things. Keeping off the Leo toes is advisable.

In careers, Leoís need to be emotionally involved in order to be fulfilled. Their creative energy, organizational skills and a natural sense of drama should be used in finding a career. Theater or anything associated with luxury and fame are good jobs for this enthusiastic person. Anything that puts them on stage is a good career choice. They make excellent employers because of their inherent leadership qualities. Because they hate second rate or low standard quality, they usually take care of their employers quite well. They try to give their best and feel all others associated with them should do the same. Not over fond of change, they tend to examine anything before they try it.

On the health front, if a Leo has stress in their life, then they can expect their usual vitality to be less than they like. They need exercise to keep their back strong. Eating the right heart healthy foods is suggested.

Leo Keywords it rules

Leo Symbol of Sign

Leo Planet
The Sun

Leo Part of the body it rules

Leo Gemstone it rules

Leo Flowers it rules
Passion Flower

Leo Color it rules
Hues of the Sun

Virgo Personality Traits

Virgoans are hard working and practical. They will stand no nonsense and deal sensibly with problems. These personalities will most likely realize their full potential. They are talkative and donít mind a good argument because they can communicate their ideas. Virgoans have a penchant for details.

Sometimes they are too critical, even of themselves, which can cause problems in relationships. Because they stand no nonsense in their approach to life, others might see them as too pragmatic. It is hard for them to live up to the expectations they feel is put on them by the eager Virgoan. When a Virgoan is thinking of going farther in personal relationships, they may examine themselves to the point of being self-disparaging. They need to work on their confidence because looking themselves over so violently cannot be good. Virgoans have trouble accepting compliments gracefully.

Virgoans need to curb their tendency to nag. When they love someone, they cannot understand why that certain someone will not listen to them or allow them to show them a better way to do whatever the task. This can be a little disarming for the person in love with the

Virgo personality. If the one in love with the Virgoan is independent, they will spend their life pushing back at the Virgoan insistence that they do something in a certain way.

Career minded Virgoís generally work best with supervision because they tend to be apprehensive about taking matters into their own hands. Once given a job, though, they are great at getting it done. As writers, they are sharp, critical and have incisive style. They make excellent teachers and medical professionals. Natural and enthusiastic gardeners, they love anything having to do with nature and can make a most admired garden.

Virgoans need to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air. Their diet should consist of lots of fiber because this Sun sign rules the bowels and constipation may cause problems for them. Worry can cause many problems for this cautious personality. Therefore, it would be a good idea for some sort of stress reduction therapy such as meditation.

Virgo Keywords it rules

Virgo Symbol of Sign

Virgo Ruling Planet

Virgo Part of the body it rules
The Nervous System

Virgo Gemstone it rules

Virgo Flowers it rules
Yellow Archangel
Catís ear

Virgo Color it rules
Dark Brown

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Re: Your Horoscope!

Post by Rankless on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:33 pm

Libra Personality Traits

Librans do not like to hurt anyone and will work as hard as they can in a diplomatic way to keep this from happening. Because of this they can be seen as indecisive. And sometimes they are. This is one of their worst traits.

Librans find their best work at anything creative and they donít lack physical or emotional energy. They generally appear to be relaxed when in fact, they are constantly thinking about their next project and ready to get to it.

These wonderful people loathe loneliness and are happiest when they have a companion to share in all they do. They need romantic relationships and want to give whatever the love of their life wants. Although they are peace-loving people, Librans have been known to start arguments with their partners just to be able to figure out whether they are really loved or not. Extremely generous to the extremes, Librans need to be aware why they love to give.

They are charming and most often very beautiful people who are used to people noticing them. Librans value fairness above all else. And they expect others to feel the same way.

If they have a fault or two, it could be that they give in to others too easily. They do this even when they know that they are right just to prevent upset. And another small fault may be that they sometimes develop a tendency towards procrastination especially when they have to make a decision about a loved one.

Libra Keywords

Libra Symbolic Sign

Libra Ruling Planet

Libra Parts of body ruled by Libra

Libra Flowers
Blue flowers

Libra Colors
Pale Green
Various shades of blue

Libra Gemstones
Sapphire and jade

Scorpio Personality Traits

Although jealousy can encourage a Scorpio person to higher acheivement, it is their worst fault. They have a reserve of strong energy that can seem so intense that the person who has Scorpio as their Sun sign appears to be driven by that energy.

The body part associated with Scorpio is the genitals. Even though Scorpio does like sex, it doesnít mean that they are sex-aholics. They may express sexual desire through other things such as cleaning or sports if they do not get what they want. Along with passion comes a deep emotional side and you never make fun of that side of these special people because as with their scorpion symbol, their stingers will show and they can sting.

Scorpios are people who like to think things out. Puzzling over events and how they were created is something that is a must-do for them. They need a special outlet that highlights their life. If they donít have it, there will be problems. The need to excel is very strong in these people and they are determined to do the best they can do.

These intelligent people, when hurt, may become more secretive and even vindictive. In relationships, they try to see the other person with rose-colored glasses. When that person doesnít meet up to their expectations, the fun begins. But the fun might not begin for the person who let them down.

Compulsive behavior is a trait that true Scorpioís have along with obsessiveness. And although they are exciting to be around, you need to realize that they need to talk rather than bottle up troubles. Another pertinent characteristic of this sign is that they think that what they believe is for the best of all. This can be very hard on people involved with them and upon the actual Scorpio as well.

Scorpios donít mind working hard and they really need an outlet for their energy. They are naturals at anything such as engineering, mining or research and even being detectives. They are always looking for the item that makes everything work.

Stomach and bowel upsets are a health hazard for Scorpios and they must take great care to prevent this type problem with diet and exercise.

Scorpio Symbol

Scorpio Scorpio Body Area
The sexual organs

Scorpio Ruling Planet
Pluto is now the ruling planet but at one time Mars was

Scorpio Keywords

Scorpio Colors
Dark red to Maroon

Scorpio Flowers
Dark red flowers

Scorpio Gemstone

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Re: Your Horoscope!

Post by Rankless on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:37 pm

Sagittarius Personality Traits

This freedom-loving individual is jovial and good-humored. Sometimes they can even be practical jokers. They need to consider that the fun they get out of the practical joke though is sometimes not as funny as thought when it affects the one whom the joke is being played.

Sagittarians are honest and hardworking but they need a good challenge to keep them interested. Intelligence is something they value in others because they are generally loaded with it themselves. Playing checkers and then thinking of the beginnings of mankind is something that suits their philosophical tastes. And Sagg people sometimes like change for change sake. They love open spaces and need this in their office or need to work outdoors. Sagg people cannot stand to be closed in. These people are not detail-oriented but they need challenge to keep them from becoming bored.

Career paths for them might be found in publishing, the law, teaching or religion.

Ever the optimist, Sagg people see hope in everything they do. This trait can also make them a little careless because they believe the best will always befall them.
In relationships, they need to be with someone who doesnít confine them. Their independent spirits canít accept any restrictions. They are great sexual partners and look for people with intelligence in which to have a relationship. A partner who isnít superficial and has marked intelligence turns them on. They donít need a lot of money and would rather read or travel.

Sagittarius Keywords
Freedom Loving

Sagittarius Ruling Planet

Sagittarius Symbol
Archer-Half animal, Half human

Sagittarius Parts of Body

Sagittarius Colors
Rich Purples
Dark Blues

Sagittarius Gemstone

Sagittarius Flowers

Capricorn Personality Traits

These are the business people of the Zodiac. Most Capricorns consider doing the right thing to get them ahead is one of their most important traits. Even with this trait, they have to be careful that they donít lack confidence in themselves. Capricorns are generally ambitious and are disciplined enough to succeed at whatever they choose.

Patience is a characteristic that Capricorns covet. They may appear to be one of the colder signs of the Zodiac but other aspects of their charts soften the Sun sign. They are calculating in their methods and work towards what they want until they get it.

Capricorn is famous for its sense of humor. They need structured backgrounds. One of the most serious of signs, they donít mind being in the background momentarily because they can learn information that will carry them to the forefront of their chosen field. Capricorns learn in the background and donít mind staying there long enough to glean what they need. This is very bad on those trying to one-up them. They blend in so well that others donít see them as opponents until too late.

For work, Capricorns are one of the few signs who donít mind being at the top alone. And they are not satisfied with anything other than the top. Capricorns do not sit silently when they feel they have been abused. They carry a grudge and can grumble about their situations. They love money because it is their life trophy and is always on display. Capricorns do well in government, banking, building, finance, dentistry, and osteopathy.

Areas of the body influenced by Capricorn are the skin, knees, bones and teeth. Extra calcium is something that Capricorns can use and they need exercise to keep from becoming stiff.

Capricorn Symbol
Goat with a fish tail

Capricorn Ruling Planet

Capricorn Keywords

Capricorn Body Areas

Capricorn Gemstone
Amethyst and Turqouise

Capricorn Colors
Dark Green

Capricorn Flowers

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Re: Your Horoscope!

Post by Rankless on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:40 pm

Personality Traits
Idealism is the main theme of an Aquarian lifestyle. They are optimistic and honest. The most loyal of friends will come in the Aquarian if you are lucky enough to make them a friend. These people donít give people the chance to get too close to them too easily. Their need for independence keeps others at arms length because Aquarians donít like changing their lives and they know they will have to in order to let others into them.

These sweet people try to see the best in others and can always see why others do the things they do. Aquarians know that they are blessed and not everyone else is. Others see Aquarians as detached, unemotional beings, which is far from truth. Others can believe and may be right that Aquarians can be perverse.

Aquarians do not like to be fenced in and will fight it with very inventive methods. They donít need barriers of any sort and will contest them to the end. High intelligence goes along with inventiveness. And they are sure to invent items that keep them without restraints. Give them free rein and they will do whatever is expected of them but try to interfere and feel their wrath. And this is one sign you donít want to get irritated.

These people are naturally friendly, honest and loyal and for them, it can sometimes cause hard lessons to be learned. Once learned, Aquarians retain their experiences so as not to ever have to go through them again. This quality makes them appear unemotional.

Trying to push an Aquarian can bring out the contrary attitudes in them. They canít be pushed and can be very stubborn.

In career they are good as inventors, communications, airlines or any technical area of radio or television, and social workers helps their humanitarian side.

Aquarius Symbol
Water bearer

Aquarius Ruling Planet

Aquarius Character Traits

Areas of body affected

Aquarius Gemstone

Aquarius Colors
Electric blue

Pisces Personality Traits

If you need a generous, kind, thoughtful friend, then you need a Piscean. But this can also be a problem for the sensitive Piscean because they may live vicariously through their friends with no thought of doing anything else. Some may feel that taking the road of least resistance is the manner in which they should live. Sometimes they are so bad in seeing others through their rose-colored glasses that they cannot bear to think otherwise even when they see wrongdoing done by the ones they love with their own eyes.

Because of their idealistic reality, they can become escapist and when they do this, they only make matters worse. The Pisceanís creative ability is enormous and can make others say, ďWow.Ē But that doesnít mean that a Piscean will take the compliments with glee. Instead, they may become a little vague and secretive, taking a backseat to their enormous accomplishments. With their imaginations, they see the world as others donít and can use their feelings to make any situation look as good as they want it. Pisceans donít like change and tend to become stressed when it happens.

When a Piscean loves, they love hard. But beware hurting their feelings, which may happen easily. Once they have become embittered but a partner, Katie bar the door. They can be easily led and sometimes appear weak-willed. Some Pisceans can harbor resentments.

Pisceans can sometimes live in a dream world they have created. Work that inspires them should be encouraged. Caring is one of this signís greatest characteristics. Acting allows them to become someone else and they can keep their secret side. They make wonderful counselors. Creativity and care are the two best career choices for these wonderful people. Because of their creative side, they donít like tedious details either. Give them something to do which challenges their creative side and they are in wonderland.

Emotionally Pisceans can be hurt easily because of their sensitive natures, which can upset their stomachs or give them headaches. Habits are easy for them to take up and hard for them to break. Watch out for foot problems as well.

Pisces Keywords
Easily Led

Pisces Symbol
Fishes going in opposite directions

Pisces Gemstone

Pisces Part of the body it rules

Pisces Ruling Planet

Pisces Colors
Sea green

Pisces Flowers
Anything sea green colored

All the above horoscopes are provided by

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Re: Your Horoscope!

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