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Post by Scholar87 on Tue May 13, 2008 8:22 pm

Singapore Polytechnic's Current Affairs & Debating Club, was officially made a Constituent Club after the principal passing through the amendment bill in 1979. This was bring up by Mr Lim Meng Tong & Mrs Ow Ee Nah. Mr Lim was later became 1 of our club's adviser in the later part of the sessional.

1st Sessional 1980/1981
2nd Sessional 1981/1982
3rd Sessional 1982/1983
4th Sessional 1983/1984
5th Sessional 1984/1985
6th Sessional 1985/1986
7th Sessional 1986/1987
8th Sessional 1987/1988 Christoper Ng Thian Huat
9th Sessional 1988/1989 Kenny Teo Chin Tiong
10th Sessional 1989/1990 Eddie Phua Kian Peng
11th Sessional 1990/1991 Lee Han Kee
12th Sessional 1991/1992 Sim Lye Hock
13th Sessional 1992/1993 Ong Chun Pheng
14th Sessional 1993/1994 Eric Yap
15th Sessional 1994/1995 Ong Hian Peng
16th Sessional 1995/1996 Jeffery Lee Seet Boon
17th Sessional 1996/1997 Law Chin Yong
18th Sessional 1997/1998 Tan Siang Leng
19th Sessional 1998/1999 Patrick Yeoh Kim Keat
20th Sessional 1999/2000 Ng Kok Pin
21st Sessional 2000/2001 Linus Wong Wen Hui
22nd Sessional 2001/2002 Alvin Tan
23rd Sessional 2002/2003 Kanaphat Kitratiprasan
24th Sessional 2003/2004 Marcus Teo
25th Sessional 2004/2005 Tan Yi Zhen
26th Sessional 2005/2006 Lee Si Qi
27th Sessional 2006/2007 Gan Heyi
28th Sessional 2007/2008 Neo Jun Wei
29th Sessional 2008/2009 Chua Chung Heng

Above is all I've gathered, if anyone of you have anymore names, news, things that you think should be mention here, please kindly post a reply in this thread, and i will add it in as soon as i see it.

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